Josh McDermitt says a MENSA member has a Eugene tattoo


The Walking Dead has inspired a lot of fans to go out and show their love for the series — with one woman using a Eugene tattoo to confuse the world. 

Eugene is one of the more interesting characters in The Walking Dead and he’s someone who is getting love from the fans no matter how dumb his character may be.

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Josh McDermitt fully embraces who Eugene is, as he’s a character who is just like any of uin a zombie apocalypse — scared and wide eyed. That’s who we’d all act in that situation and Eugene perfectly represents that. He’s not the brightest bulb in the batch though, which is why it’s so surprising to see so many smart people who watch the show gravitate to him.

In his Reddit AMA, Josh McDermitt mentioned that a woman in Texas displayed her love for the series by getting a Eugene quote tattooed to her body. This wasn’t just any woman — she was a MENSA member.

"This one lady named Katherine in Austin actually got a line of dialogue that I said in season 4 tatted on her arm. The dialogue said Trust me, I’m smarter than you.And apparently, she’s a member of MENSA.So she… obviously is. Smarter than everyone."

That’s fascinating juxtaposition, as Eugene pretended to be smarter than everyone else and a woman who is actually smarter than everyone else has words that he said tattooed to her body.

Eugene just has an interesting appeal though, and while he may bot be the brightest bulb you can screw in, he’s someone that fans no doubt gravitate towards regardless.

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