The Walking Dead: Season 1 printable Bingo game

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Yes, fans can’t wait for new episodes of their favorite show, The Walking Dead. And breaks seem interminable. There’s even a name for what fans experience during those breaks:

Walker Withdrawals.

But The Walking Dead wasn’t named “most binge-worthy show” for nothing! Fans watch seasons over and over on DVD and Netflix and AMC marathons. They know the lines and nuances and dissect the show like it’s a frog in freshman Biology!

Many fans have Walking Dead parties and we play games and trivia on Twitter and Facebook. We live Tweet and chat! Last season I tried to gather some party ideas, including a printable word search and other easy games.

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Very soon AMC is having a

5 Sundays / 5 Seasons marathon

. The first Sunday goes back to the beginning–Season 1. I’ve created an

episode guide

for fans to remember major plot points and quotes. And I made some printable Bingo cards so you can add a little something different to your re-watching of season 1, especially for fans who have seen it multiple times.


1. Print out the cards.

2.  Cross off words as you hear or see things written in the squares at any time during the marathon ( or your own Season 1 marathon viewing)

3. Yell, “Walker!”, or other designated Walking Dead catchphrase you decide upon, when you get 5 in a row, across,  down or diagonally.

4, Have prizes, or, you know…don’t.

Printable Bingo cards:        Set 1.        Set 2.         Set 3.        Set 4.

So, Undeaders, let me know if you use them and if they work out well for you. Also, let me know if you’d like sets for the other seasons as well.

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