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Gloria. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC
Gloria. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC /
Travis Manawa. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

Fear the Walking Dead broke records last Sunday with its premiere episode. Walking Dead fans tuned in to fall in love again with a new show set in the same zombie apocalypse as that of Rick Grimes and the gang only before Rick woke up in the hospital from his coma. Brand new fans tuned in hoping to see what the hype is all about and catch the new show from the beginning without the need for a 5-season binge watch.

We’re already speculating and predicting based on what we saw last week and what we know about The Walking Dead and how Robert Kirkman ticks.

Let’s have some fun and make some pre-episode predictions. Vote in our prediction polls!

We met Gloria, Nick’s drug buddy, turned-walker who was snacking on someone when Nick found her after he woke up in the abandoned church-turned-drug-den. Nick ran away from Gloria and she was not in the church when Travis and Madison went investigating. What are your predictions about Gloria for episode 2?

We met Alicia’s boyfriend, Matt, who was supposed to meet Alicia at the beach and never showed up. He hasn’t been answering her texts. Will we see Matt in Episode 2?

Some harsh pessimists on social media have been predicting a quick departure for our knife toting, 77-cents-carrying, loveable teenager who has been watching the mysterious illness spreading online. Do you think a Tobias will die in Episode 2?

We’ve seen a human kill already and it’s only the first episode. In the Walking Dead we didn’t kill the living until after Sophia came out of the barn and Rick deadpanned, “Nebraska’s nice.” But they have no idea about killing walkers yet. Who among our group will make the first walker kill?

We had a Jaws/shark music anticipation moment with the principal in the premiere and Madison is calling to him from down the hall in the teaser for episode 2.  Do you think the principal is a walker?

The premiere had record numbers of viewers. Will the show be able to maintain an audience? Will it attract new viewers from word of mouth after hearing about the monster numbers? Will it lose impatient viewers who wanted more zombies or more action or more similarities to The Walking Dead?

Episode 2 promises a ton more action, according to Lorenzo Henrie. And I believe the Salazar family will be introduced at the end of the episode. I hope you enjoyed making predictions. Watch the episode to see how your predictions turn out.

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