The Walking Dead: A quick look back at season 5 before the premiere of season 6

Rick, Carl and Judith. The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick, Carl and Judith. The Walking Dead - AMC /
carol-and-daryl-the-walking-dead-no-sanctuary /

The Walking Dead Season 6 will finally begin on October 11th. We’ve been waiting since March. We’ve been counting down since the days were in triple digits and the weeks were in double digits. We’re in single digit weeks now and almost to single digit days! Let’s look back at some things about season 5 to get ready for the exciting 90-minute premiere episode.

We’ve written quite a bit about season 5  that’s worth revisiting before season 6 starts on October 11th.

Rick has been going through quite a bit over the last 5 seasons. I wrote an article called The 50 shades of Rick Grimes to describe some of Rick’s phases over time.

Daryl, Aaron and Buttons made an interesting team. Aaron recruited Daryl very cleverly. A line Daryl told Aaron about Buttons, the horse, applied to the survivors as well and time “out there” has revealed some things about them.

Sasha, The Walking Dead - AMC
Sasha, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Father Gabriel ended the season with Sasha and Maggie trying to start a healing process while the rest of the town was outside dealing with the Rick and Pete and Reg situation. I wrote 2 articles dealing with these issues. One called Can the audience forgive Father Gabriel? The other entitled, Sasha: A little help from her friends.

Abraham had an interesting curve ball thrown at him this season. Then upon arriving at Alexandria he had a great Abe line. Who’s Deanna? I explored why that was more than just a funny, classic Abe line in that article. According to Abraham’s portrayer, Michael Cudlitz, Abe’s defining moment is yet to come. I talk about that idea in Waiting for Abraham Ford’s defining moment.

Michonne, The Walking Dead - AMC
Michonne, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Michonne hung up her signature katana as fireplace art upon her arrival in Alexandria and took it down in the finale. I wrote about the importance of Michonne embracing her sword. Going forward in season 6 we shall see how Michonne reclaiming her power will affect the constable’s authority.

Season 5 has just been released on Netflix so I imagine you may be re-watching  the episodes at least once before the premiere. I wrote a quick-burst recap of the entire season prior to the finale last season that is a fun reminder of the events at-a-glance.  The finale. 90 minutes. Conquer. Adam reviewed it and Nir recapped it.

Noah and Glenn. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Adam and I collaborated and covered all the losses in the season in an article called All named character deaths. Recently, I polled our readers about the most dramatic moments from the season. Once I got the results, I wrote about the top 15 moments. Read about those moments from season 5 here.

The wait is almost over! Enjoy the look back. We’ll be looking ahead soon enough.

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