WALKING DEAD NEWS: Rick & Michonne casting, Fear TWD wraps

This week The Walking Dead universe is full of great news and some bittersweet. Many TWDU cast members have new projects, and Fear the Walking Dead has wrapped filming for the series’ final season.

Fear the Walking Dead will premiere its eighth and final season on AMC on May 14, 2023. This season will release in two parts with six episodes each. At some point during this season, the story will experience a seven-year time jump making for an exciting final season.

The last season will focus heavily on the mysterious PADRE, which was once thought to be a location with plans to rebuild after a catastrophe. Although this might have been the plan originally, it was twisted at some point and is now an organization that captures children and raises them for some unknown purpose.

This week the actors said their goodbyes to characters they have played for years with emotional social media posts.

This week’s Walking Dead news

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