Walking Dead: Some Things To Look Forward To In 2015


2015 is shaping up to be a great year for the hit AMC television show The Walking Dead.  There are some great events from the comic book on the horizon and we know there will be surprises to make the show unique from the comics.

Here are a couple things to look forward to in 2015 on The Walking Dead:

The Episode Andrew Lincoln Always Wanted To Make

I know it’s a vague statement, but there’s got to be something to The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln saying that episode 10 of season 5 was the episode that he has always wanted to make.  But what is it that Lincoln always wanted?  And how will fans react to the episode?  It’s something to really look forward to.

Glenn Playing A Major Role

Glenn has been forgotten a bit since his quest to meet back up with Maggie back in season 4.  However, it sounds as though Steven Yeun’s character will be a major player in the final 8 episodes of season 5.  It’s exciting to see Glenn possibly getting a bigger spotlight on him soon.

Best Walking Dead Episode Ever

While I can’t vouch for guys like Andrew Lincoln and Greg Nicotero’s taste in episodes, both of those gentlemen have been talking up episode 9 of season 5.  Since we just have resolved the issue at the hospital, you’d think this episode would be mostly mourning and finding a direction, but it sounds like the group might not have time to do that.

The Alexandria Safe-Zone

Let’s be honest, fans of the comics have been licking their lips thinking about the group reaching the Alexandria Safe-Zone.  That means that the characters will be cleaned up and looking good again as well as a whole different structure for the show’s hierarchy.  And a major change like that could be just what the show needs.

Heartbreak and Despair

Credit: AMC

They say it gets darkest before the dawn.  We know that the Alexandria Safe-Zone is coming soon, so there is a safe haven coming, but the journey to get there could be harder than expected.  The death of Beth could have a bigger impact on characters like Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie than we think.

New Villains

While we might have to wait on one character that we are all waiting to see from the comics (Negan), there are plenty of other potential baddies that could make life hell for the group on The Walking Dead.  Between the rumors that The Whisperers are coming soon and interactions with Dwight on the horizon, things are looking up for the bad guys on the show.


Of course, there is always plenty more to look forward to on The Walking Dead.  Whether worrying about the status of your favorite characters or the need to see more blood and gore, it looks as though 2015 will help satisfy our need for the undead.  Is there something else that you’re excited for?  Or is there something that you just hope will happen?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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