Fear the Walking Dead: A guide to the first season

Nick from Opening Scene of Fear the Walking DeadImage Credit: Screencapped.net - Raina
Nick from Opening Scene of Fear the Walking DeadImage Credit: Screencapped.net - Raina /
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Episode 3

Here is promo for Episode 3:

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We pick up right where we left off. The families are separated and planning to reunite and head out to the desert to wait things out until things get better.

Will things get better? We know they won’t. Tobias knows they won’t and at the end of the episode, Daniel says it’s already too late. The other characters are somewhere in between. Travis is definitely on the “things will get better” side at the end.

Travis, in his desire to get his family back home and safe, made a few blunders with Mr. Salazar, inadvertently insulting him. Daniel showed himself to be quite proud and very calm in his responses to Travis and to the chaos itself.

Griselda’s foot was badly injured when she was trapped under some scaffolding that fell during their escape through the rioting. Hospitals were not an option so the Salazars went home with Travis to call family to arrange for a pick up.

The Clarks played Monopoly while waiting and enjoyed the old family routine. Alicia experienced some deja vu presumably about playing Monopoly waiting for her father.

Nick Clark in Fear the Walking Dead episode "The Dog" Image Credit: Screencapped.net - Raina
Nick Clark in Fear the Walking Dead episode “The Dog” Image Credit: Screencapped.net – Raina /

The dog from the episode title shows up at the patio door. The bloody dog prompts them to go to the neighbors and get his gun. This leads to a series of events including funding the neighbor wife as a walker, Travis coming home to another neighbor walker eating the dog and Daniel taking the gun from Madison and shooting that walker who was attacking Travis.

Travis was trying to help his friend and didn’t want Madison to shoot him. Travis still thinks they’re sick. There has to be something that can be done to help them. Later when Maddie considers killing her friend Susan, Travis stops her. He tells her she’ll be sorry if there’s the smallest chance that there’s something that can be done to help her.

Daniel Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Daniel Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Travis doesn’t know about Artie. Travis wasn’t there when Nick said Susan was dead. Nick has decided they are dead. He knows he killed Cal. Alicia was distraught to think that this is what could have happened to Matt. They are all piecing things together at their own pace. Denial is very powerful.

Ofelia wants to stay with these good people. Daniel tells her that good people die first. Daniel is calm and stubborn. He wants to get Griselda to a doctor and lets his daughter know they are survivors.

Ultimately, they stay together anyway because the National Guard steps in and keeps them all there. The families were just on their way out when they stopped to warn Susan’s husband about her. Just has he saw walker Susan and stepped up to hug her, she was shot by the Guard.

And so it begins! The dog is nature. And nature always wins!


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