The Walking Dead is back with Valentine’s day walker massacre

Daryl Dixon. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Daryl Dixon. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

The Walking Dead came back on Valentine’s day with the massacre of hundreds of walkers in the town of Alexandria. Check out all the news about the return of your favorite zombie drama.

This week was thick with news and excitement once people watched the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead after waiting since Thanksgiving for their fix of zombie action. The premiere exceeded most fans’ expectations.

At Undead Walking, we’ve been crazy busy writing recaps, opinions, and reviews, as well as covering interviews and writing tributes to those we’ve lost. Everything related to the midseason premiere is gathered here for your reading enjoyment.

I will update it tomorrow and Sunday as we continue to cover any news, interviews, previews and opinions. The apocalypse stops for no one! Let’s start with a recap, review and the low down on who died.

No way out



Who Died?


There were plenty of interviews about the show this week and in the weeks leading up to the premiere. Some of the interviews are about the premiere episode and some are about the rest of season 6 and the anticipation of Negan. Let’s check out some of the interviews you might have missed.

Andrew Lincoln

Lincoln and Cohan


More Cudlitz 


More Reedus

Tom Payne

Lauren Cohan 

Steven Yeun 

Danai Gurira

Greg Nicotero

Chandler Riggs 

Christopher Berry


Once the show aired, there were so many things to write about. Our fingers here at Undead Walking started going crazy on our keyboards! Thoughts, opinions and analysis flying out of our brains onto our screens. Check out some of our thoughts.

Alexandria fights back!

Poor Sam!


Rick and Father Gabriel!


Morgan and Carol!

Reader response


We lost a few people in this episode. Here a few tributes to some of those people.

Ron (pending)



The Wolf

Next time on The Walking Dead

Those were the highlights of the coverage from Undead Walking about the midseason premiere and the return of The Walking Dead as season 6 continues now on AMC. It’s great to have our family back. Here’s what to look forward to on Sunday!


Talking Dead Guests 

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