The Walking Dead: The ultimate recap in 4 minutes from John Cleese [Video]

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and walker Stephen Vining. The Walking Dead. AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and walker Stephen Vining. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Now TV and John Cleese give us the most enchanting recap of The Walking Dead so far to enjoy before the premiere of season 7 on Sunday.

Recaps and reminiscing. We’ve been revisiting all of the seasons, the death and the drama of The Walking Dead in every way possible all summer long and especially in these last few weeks leading up to season 7.

AMC just aired the wonderful special The Journey So Far. The marathons are on all week and all weekend. Twitter has been insane with countdowns. I’ve been exploring all of the premieres and doing as many articles as I can about anything and everything fun about The Walking Dead I can think of before Sunday.

This little YouTube gets my award for the most charming recap out there. It has it all. It covers all 6 seasons in just about 4 minutes. It has 4 easy lessons for the apocalypse. It has clips from the show. And it has John Cleese!

From NOW TV:

The 4 lessons?

  1. Zombies are not called zombies.
  2. There are no safe places.
  3. Never look at the flowers.
  4. Stop forgetting lesson 2.

That’s a pretty simple yet comprehensive set of lessons that will help you survive a good long time!


  • British accent
  • British slang: nutter! cracking chap!
  • Hooray-No, not Hooray!
  • One star on Trip Advisor for Woodbury
  • Coral!
  • Negan’s incessant rhyming

So before we get into the reality of the next world and the heaviness of the season premiere on Sunday, enjoy the trip down memory lane with UK-based streaming service Now TV and comedy legend John Cleese in this 4 minute review of all 6 seasons of The Walking Dead. 

Next: Whose brains would you eat? The cast answers!

Try not to stress too much from now until then. Watch the marathons, join us on Facebook or Twitter, plan your parties and maybe do some meditation. Chris Hardwick has the biggest Talking Dead ever to help us when it ends and Undead Walking has complete season 7 coverage for you!