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The Walking Dead family is involved in a real-life mystery. Packages, phone calls, pictures, keys, locks of hair, numbers, all leading to something. But what? The town of Woodbury figures prominently in the mystery. Woodbury is waiting was the answer to the photo puzzle from the mysterious packages sent to several people related to the Walking Dead, including Robert Kirkman, Yvette Nicole Brown,  Ronny Haze, Wendy Shepherd, and many more.

We’ve been following this mystery since the beginning. Our Adam is really hot on the trail and following the phone calls now. I’m collecting all the articles here for you to find all the information in one place, if you want to go back to the beginning and see what it’s all about and keep up with each day’s new developments.

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I will link every new article and clue that Adam uncovers as he publishes so you can bookmark this article if you want to make sure to refresh and look daily so you don’t miss anything. Of course, you can always check,, but for those hardcore sleuths, I wanted to put everything in one place to make all your clues easy to find.

This is your Mystery in Woodbury corkboard!

The beginning: Kirkman gets a Biter-gram

A little more information: More Biter-grams

Phone call #1

Phone call #2

Phone call #3

Phone call #4

Phone call #5

Woodbury is waiting: Numeric Codes

Missed Call from Woodbury

Woodbury is waiting: 1 day left

The wait is over!

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Join in on this real-life Walking Dead mystery!

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