Walking Dead's Melissa McBride Nominated For 2014 EWwy Award

The Walking Dead’s Melissa McBride may have been overlooked for an Emmy nomination, but that doesn’t mean that her excellent performance as Carol Peletier during season 4 didn’t go unnoticed.

Melissa McBride as Carol on The Walking Dead

Melissa McBride as Carol on The Walking Dead

For the seventh annual EWwy awards, Melissa McBride found herself nominated for the award of Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series by the folks at Entertainment Weekly.  Here is the full list of competition she faces to bring home the award:

  • Erica Christensen – Parenthood
  • Melissa McBride – The Walking Dead
  • Sandra Oh – Grey’s Anatomy
  • Maggie Siff – Sons of Anarchy
  • Maisie Williams – Game of Thrones
  • Bellamy Young – Scandal

Here is what Lanford Beard of Entertainment Weekly had to say in the about Melissa McBride in the nominations list on the website:


“Carol should have been zombie food before season 2 arrived. Instead, she has evolved from a two-dimensional abused wife to one of The Walking Dead‘s most compelling characters. And Melissa McBride’s performance is no small part of that evolution, tapping into unexpected reserves of strength and compassion. Most notably, the gut-punching scene from ”The Grove” when Carol—a nurturer, even at her most pragmatic—had to make the hardest decision of her life and turn a gun on her mentally unstable adopted daughter Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino).”

In reality, this list of nominees could be tougher to overcome than some of the other competition that Melissa McBride has faced in award shows.  However, we at Undead Walking would like to wish Melissa McBride the best of luck on her nomination and will hope that she brings home an EWwy award this year.

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