The Walking Dead: We’re talking dead in our Walking Dead season 6 preview, too

Walking dead. Season 6 walker. AMC.
Walking dead. Season 6 walker. AMC. /

Season 6 Preview

Talking Dead had a Walking Dead Season 6 Preview Special on Sunday, August 23rd at 8 pm est. It was great to see the interviews and behind-the-scenes exclusives and just to hear Chris Hardwick’s voice again.

We here at Undead Walking have been keeping up with the news about The Walking Dead Season 6 all throughout the break. So we’re going to talk dead a little, too, in our own preview special to prepare for October 11th!  I’ve gathered tons of links to great information to take a look at Season 6.  Happy clicking!

New characters

The-walking-dead-season-6-new-character /

We know that we will meet 3 new characters when October comes. All 3 are from the comics and all three will be played by well-respected actors. We have some pictures and information about Carter, Heath, and Denise


, if you want to meet them ahead of time.

There is a potential for even more new character additions with news about one special sounding casting call and another mysterious casting call.


Walking dead. Season 6 walker. AMC. /

We’ve seen quite a few pictures of the walkers from season 6 and, boy, are they getting malnourished and museum quality in their decrepit beauty. Click on the links for great walker wonderfulness.

What’s next for our characters

Adam did a great series about what could be next for some of our characters based on the comics. Check out what’s possible for some of our survivors. Comic spoilers are included in these stories.    Sasha    Glenn    Maggie   Aaron    Eugene   Alexandria   Abraham   Rosita  Michonne   Enid  Father Gabriel

News and predictions

the-walking-dead-season-6-first-look-heath-hawkins-935-1 /

There has been quite a bit of news and speculation over the summer. We’ve been covering it and speculating on it ourselves.

Loud and scary!

Cryptic expectations

Cast and crew discuss

The Cudlitz show.




The Wolves!

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

What can we expect from the letter W this season? We have a little bit of information, but I think that we are going to be surprised by them!

An army?

Norman Reedus not looking forward to them.

Trap trailer

The Trailer

the-walking-dead-season-6-walkers-658px /

The trailer led to lots of speculation and Comic-Con gave us interviews with some information to fuel the speculation.

The trailer!

What’s the purpose of a trailer?

Is the trailer lying?

The haunting lyrics.

Deaths in the trailer?


the-walking-dead-season-6-first-look-deanna-feldshuh-rick-lincoln-935 /

We covered interviews and tried to decode and bring to you the most interesting points as well as our own takes on what we’ve found out.

Playing with time.

Lennie James feels like he’s been let out of a cave!


Gale Anne Hurd on Negan.

Our own exclusive “Nicholas” interview.

Our own exclusive “Eric” interview.

Our own exclusive “Pete” interview.

Evasive interview skills

Suffocating premiere

Roller coaster season 6

Looking back at Season 5

the-walking-dead-season-6-first-look-carol-mcbride-935 /

Going into season 6 we might want a reminder of season 5. Here’s a quick burst


of all the events up to the finale, a


of the finale and a


of the finale. And a look back at all of the


in Season 5.  If you haven’t seen season 5 yet, there are

3 ways

to catch up!

We know you can’t wait for the super-sized 90-minute long premiere of The Walking Dead on October 11th. Hopefully, our Preview and the Talking Dead Preview Special will help get us through!

Plus we have Fear the Walking Dead! Are you going to add that to your undead obsession?

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